The eyes are not just the windows to the soul; they may also play an integral part in our gaming future. The Tobii Rex, which uses gaze-tracking technology, allows users to control their computer screen cursor with the use of their eyes.

The lean and sleek device connects to the bottom of your LCD monitor, and its interface with the Windows 8 operating system is supposedly seamless. At CES, Tobii brought demos of StarCraft 2, Minecraft, and Eye Asteroids (the demo was also show last year's CES) to display its eye-tracking technology.

A consumer edition of the Tobii Rex, priced at $995, will be made available this fall, but just 5,000 units will hit the market. Tobii claims that next year, a less expensive version of the Rex will be made available to the public, and reportedly a yet-to-be-named game developer will integrate the technology into its products. Although Valve creator Gabe Newell talked at CES about the the importance of this gaze-tracking technology, Tobii reps would not divulge if they are partnering up with his company.