Video Games

Steven Spielberg’s ‘Halo’ TV Series Heads to Showtime
There have been rumblings about a TV series adaptation of Halo for several years, but Xbox’s hit video game franchise is finally coming to life thanks to Steven Spielberg and the folks at Showtime. The network seems to have immense confidence in Spielberg’s plans for the live-action se…
Guys Love Video Games More Than Porn
When they're alone, guys are a very predictable species. You might think you know what they're most likely to do, but you'd more than likely be wrong. As it turns out, guys love video games more than porn and I can prove it.
Top 5 Video Games Set In Colorado
Since it is a well-documented fact that I am a grown-up 12-year-old, I love video games. I also love Colorado. So, it goes without saying that it doesn't get any better for me than when video games use Colorado as a playable level or world. Here are just a few that portray the world we actually…

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