I've been on up on the Grand Mesa two weekends in a row. I was amazed how much more color there was this week compared to last. On the way up I stopped at Powderhorn. I know now why this past Saturday and Sunday it's called Color Weekend.

Ray Michaels

The ski lift ride to the top is well worth the $10. There's nothing quite like riding through the forest at tree top level. I was surprised to see a bit of snow on the ground too. I've never been anywhere where there's snow in September.

Ray Michaels

I'm also not sure how many different shades of yellow, gold, and green I took in on my way to the top. The site was truly breathtaking. Chilly too. The sun felt nice on that 40 something degree day on top of the world's largest flat top mountain.

Ray Michales

There's still time to take in the fun. Powderhorn has their Fall Festival coming up next weekend.

Ray Michaels


Of course, you can roll right by and drive on up highway 65 and across. However you decide to take it in, now's the time to head up the Mesa.

Here's a thought, this might be an opportunity to break out that "real" camera you own. Today's phones take pretty good pictures, these shots were taken on my old school i-phone, however, the sites are too way too cool not to give it your best effort. See you up top. Aspen trees rock!