For football fans, Monday Night Football is one of the games you watch each regardless of whether or not your team is playing. Here is an interesting look behind the scenes of one of the most popular shows on television.

The Denver Broncos will get plenty of national exposure this season as all the world watches to see if Peyton Manning can get them back to the Super Bowl. The The Broncos schedule includes no less than five nationally televised games -three Sunday night games, a Thursday night game, and one appearance on Monday Night Football.(December 22 vs Cincinnati)

While any televised football game requires a plethora of equipment and personnel, none compare to  Monday Night Football, which utilizes 35 cameras and about 450 people to pull off a typical broadcast. It is truly remarkable.

When you think about the manpower that is required to make the broadcast happen, plus all of the travel expenses involved for employees, and the transportation of equipment, it's no wonder that advertisers are paying a pretty penny to air a commercial during a football broadcast. On top of that, you look at the $15.1 billion the network is paying the NFL for the right to broadcast the games through the 20121 season, and you realize that airing football games on "free" TV is an expensive proposition.

Here's a glimpse behind the scenes of Monday Night Football that will give you a new appreciation for the weekly broadcast.