If you missed QUOR back in November, you now have another chance to catch this band. If you made it to the show last fall, I'm sure you'll be back to The Mesa Theater tomorrow night for more.

Ray Michaels

Different. That's the best way to describe these guys. A “Three Headed Dragon”, that's what they call themselves. A mix of rock, punk, and metal tossed together in an all-out assault on the senses.

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You may recall the story I shared about their unique name. It's worth sharing again. It's true that they once considered calling themselves "We Are Going To Be Awesome" but wound up going with QUOR after the guys saw a giant liquor store sign glowing off in the distance on a foggy night out on the Pacific Coast Highway. The L and I were burnt out leaving just the QUOR glowing. 
It's all in a name. QUOR is what they're called. What it means is another chance to see a band that delivers. And it's true QUOR isn't a household name today, that soon is going to change. The show at The Mesa Theater tomorrow also has Augmented, Dead Horse Trama, and Hollow Hearted on the bill. Admission is $10.