There have been quality shows at The Mesa Theater over the past several weeks. Yet another is Gemini Syndrome this Wednesday evening.

Out of LA, this band has been bringing the heat for the last several years. In 2013 they released their debut album "Lux". many of you remember the hit "Stardust."

That it put this band on the map. In the years since they've toured with the likes of Sevendust, Nonpoint, and Five Finger Death Punch. Every stop on their tours the "Synners" come out and support the effort.

The band has gone through a few lineup changes over the last few years. Currently, the lineup consists of Aaron Nordstrom (lead vocals), Daniel Sahagún (lead guitars, backing vocals), Chuck Lee (rhythm guitars, backing vocals), Alessandro “AP” Paveri (bass), and Brian Steele Medina (drums).

Their latest album, Memento Mori is the follow-up concept album that picks up where Lux left off. It was focused on birth and light. The latest effort continues the story depicting life and the eye-opening journey that comes along with it.

So it matters little if you're one the tried and true "Synners" or not, the fact is it's another great show at The Mesa Theater and one you shouldn't miss. Get your ticekts by clicking HERE and we'll see you there!



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