Arches National Park

Prime Orionids Meteor Shower Viewing Spots
The clear skies and not having a major metro in our area makes for prime Orionids meteor shower viewing.
The Orionids meteor shower peaks this weekend. The Orionids are fragments of Haley’s Comet, one of the most famous comets which last flew past Earth in 1986 and isn't schedule…
It's National Parks Week
From the Grand Valley, you're no more than a few hours drive to some of the more beautiful National Parks/Monuments in the nation. In celebration of National Park Week here are five in Colorado and five in neighboring Utah.
Things to Do in Colorado During Spring Break
Spring Break! Magic words indeed to schoolkids everywhere. But what about the parents? We need a break during the break! And in Colorado, there is ALWAYS somewhere to go and something to do, right?
So let's take a look at a few things to do in and around our beautiful state...
My Top 5 Places In My First 6 Months
If you've been following along I've spent several weekends exploring some of the amazing sights here in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah. As the year winds down I thought it would be a good time to share some of my favorites.
The Jaw-Dropping View Of Delicate Arch
I'm sure most of you reading this has made the 2-mile hike to see the Delicate Arch up-close, right? Everyone living within 100 miles of Arches National Park has "been there, done that." If not, you've got to make the trip and the winter months are an ideal time…

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