If you're up to brave the cold Saturday night it should be great to take in the Leonid meteor shower and we've got the spots around to take it in.

It's an annual mid-November treat. The Leonid meteor shower peaks this weekend. The Leonids appears to be coming from the Leo constellation, hence the name. Look towards the east, but meteors could appear anywhere across the night sky.

Traditionally, Leonids have been some of history's best. In 1833 the Leonid meteor storm had a meteor rate as high as 100,000 meteors per hour! Imagine what that must have been like! Except significantly less of a show this year at somewhere around 10 to 20 meteors per hour. The moon will be in it's New Moon phase and that will help visibility. Weather will be a factor with clouds and rain in the forecast for Friday night but as of today, Saturday looks to be clear, but cold. Overnight lows could drop into the low 20's.

As I had mentioned about a month ago with the Orionids Meteor shower, we have some super cool spots to take in the spectacle. The National Parks are great locations. Arches National Park, although technically in eastern Utah is a cool spot. The Black Canyon of The Gunnison is another. If traveling that far isn't an option the Colorado National Monument works just fine. However, there will be the lights of Grand Junction to contend with. Up top of The Grand Mesa works nicely too. Wherever you go, even if it's the backyard, dress warm and pack the extra outerwear because it will be cold.

Credit: 9News 


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