Most people ride a bike to get around town. Some ride for exercise. Others just for fun. A group of riders rolled through town with a much greater purpose, cancer awareness.

The Texas 4000 is a non-profit organization of 60 to 100 University of Texas at Austin students that make an annual 4,000+ bike ride raising money and supporting cancer awareness. They take to the road on one of the longest charity bike rides in the world. Each year three groups take off on a 70-day, 4,687-mile bike ride from the Texas campus in Austin all the way to Anchorage, Alaska. Earlier today part of the "Rockies route" crew rolled through Grand Junction. Other groups are taking a route through the Sierras on the West Coast or through the central part of the country and the Ozarks. They'll all meet in Alaska at the end of the ride.

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The Texas 4000 crew has raised over $5 million for various cancer-related organizations. Their message is one of Hope, Knowledge, and Charity. "We share HOPE by letting those touched by cancer know that we are riding for them and fighting for a world without cancer. We share KNOWLEDGE by bringing life-saving information about cancer prevention to communities and providing leadership development training to tomorrow’s leaders. We share CHARITY by contributing to cancer research and cancer support services while developing the next generation of volunteers and philanthropists."




Find out more on how you can get involved and support this incredible group of riders by clicking HERE.

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