The BLM wants to remove all excess wild horses.

It's listed as a thing to do if you come to visit Grand Junction. It's on my list. I've been intending to get over to the Little Book Cliffs and check out the wild horses. Only if I had more time. A visit there takes time. The Little Book Cliffs wild horse area covers more than 36,000 acres. The BLM says the current 175 horses that make that region their home is too many. They say a more appropriate number is somewhere between 90 and 150.

The Little Book Cliffs aren't the only place the BLM is looking to remove excess wild horses. The Piceance-East Douglas Area near Meeker needs over 300 removed and the Sand Wash Basin Management Area has 500 or more too many! Katie Stevens, BLM's Grand Junction field manager, says "While we have been successful at reducing birth rates and extending the time between gathers to an average of five years, periodic gathers are still necessary in order to keep the range healthy enough to support the herd long-term."

Federal land managers plan to conduct several roundups this year to remove hundreds of wild horses all across western Colorado. Is this the right action to take and where do the removed horses wind up?


Credit: KOAA5News

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