The BLM already has plans to rehabilitate the area where the Pine Ridge fire near DeBeque, Colorado burned not long ago. A team of twenty on a BLM committee put forth plans to spend $1.9 million dollars to rehabilitate the 14 thousand acres burned. The focus will be on soil stabilization and erosion prevention.

Those two areas are the main concerns right now for people and property in the area of the fire. One being possible issues with sediment. Flow detectors are proposed in two canyons to alert to sediment flow as well as; constructing five new sediment prevention dams, clean-out of existing sediment ponds and possibly creating new ones.

Reseeding of grass by aircraft on 4,800 acres will also help quickly stabilize the soil in the area the fire burned. More than 11 thousand acres are planned to be reseeded in November. That reseeding effort will include native plants with crews watching for invasive species in spring. The BLM hopes for plenty of spring rain next year to help move their efforts forward.

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