Dinner and a movie tonight at the Avalon Theatre is the Coen brothers movie “No Country for Old Men.” This is the story of a hunter in rural Texas Llewwlyn Moss, played by Josh Brolin, who comes across a drug deal gone wrong. Moss doesn’t report the event and takes the $2 million in cash he finds. Anton Chigurm, played by Javier Bardem, is a psychopathic killer that gets on the trail of the money and kills nearly everyone he come across. The local sheriff ED Tom Bell, played by Tommy Lee Jones, oversees the investigation and struggles to face the sheer size of the crimes he is trying to thwart. This movie won four Oscar’s for the Coen brothers and is a great date night movie.

To get the movie for free just go downtown and have dinner, then bout 7pm take your dinner receipt to the Avalon and two people will get in free. If you don’t want to do dinner the movie will cost you just $5. Get a few friends together and head to the Avalon Theatre for “No Country for Old Men” starting at 7pm tonight.


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