It's 12 days until Rodney Carrington takes over the Avalon Theater. If you still don't have your tickets, it's not too late. There are great seats available for the second show.

Monumental Events
Monumental Events

The first show is all but sold out. Only a few scattered seats remain for the 5:30 pm performance. The second, and preferred, show for hard-core Rodney fans is at 8 pm. I just checked the Monumental Events website and found great seats either down the front or if you prefer, the back of the house.  The center section on the floor is sold about halfway back. The lower side sections have tickets available. Upstairs is pretty much wide open. I'd suggest getting a group of friends together and grabbing a row together. A comedy show if this caliber doesn't come along all that often and can be big-time fun for a large group. It might be fun to grab the co-workers for a night of off-campus bonding.

Check out what's available at Monumental Events website or call toll free 800-626-8497.   Rodney rocks and we'll see you at the show!

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