Mad Margaret's is unloading their rental costumes!

My first Halloween in Grand Junction a couple years ago I had no idea where to get a costume. When a co-worker suggested I check out Mad Margaret's I had no idea how cool this costume shop was. Since then, I've shopped at their place several times, located 807 North 1st street in Grand Junction. I was just in there a couple days ago picking up some glasses and suspenders for my nerdery professor get up for this weekends festivities. I snagged my "big hair", rock star accessories and fake leather jacket for my Nikki Sixx get up last year.

Ray Michaels
Ray Michaels

Mad Margaret's has been part of the community for nearly 30 years. This cool costume shop says they'll no longer rent costumes, which they have hundreds, but is having a huge rental costume liquidation sale. Check them out by clicking HERE!

This place truly has it all. Masks, wigs, hats, fake noses, makeup, and accessories for any costume idea you can think of. It's a cool place for sure. Drop by and see if one of their costumes will fit the bill this Halloween.

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