Driving in Colorado, no matter what the season, should be labeled an extreme sport.

Driving Before the Windshield is Clear

You're already late to work, or an appointment, the ice is thick on your windshield, you cant use your defroster and you don't have a scraper. What do you do?

Drive anyway. All you really need is just a little bit of windshield showing to drive, right? Besides, the defroster will clear that all off right when you get to where you're going.

Flat Tire Driving

No one drives on a flat tire like a Colorado driver. We especially enjoy driving the speed limit on those flats, don't we? The real challenge in this extreme sport is to see how many air machines you can drive by before you're on the rim.

Driving the Unplowed Streets

Admit it, you love to do this, right until you get stuck. It's pretty hard to ignore a road that has been untouched by tires since the snow started falling. Pretending you're a snow plow in your Honda hatchback makes life just a little more fun, doesn't it?

The Roundabout Roustabout

Nerves of steel are needed for this event. There are stories that people have entered the roundabout and have never been seen again. Score high points for getting out of the roundabout going in the right direction. Lose points for waiting to get into the roundabout as every single car turns before they get to you.

Stop sign? What Stop sign?

The crown jewel of these events. You see people practicing this one a lot. Running stop signs or traffic lights, ignoring speed limits, all kinds of extreme things going on there. This is hard to score, but major points if you can tell what the sign means, even if you ignore it.

There are five of our extreme sports, driving edition. Feel free to add to it. Maybe it will become an Olympic event.

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