The Saturday Halloween Movement wants to put Halloween on the last Saturday of October. Do you agree?

I must confess, I had never given this matter much thought, but it's an idea that makes a lot of sense.

Having Halloween events and trick-or-treating during the week can be problematic for parents trying to get their kids in bed and ready for the next day of school. Even with trick or treating starting earlier in the evening, it can be challenging for working parents to get from their jobs and get kids ready for trick or treating and out on the street.

So, why not move Halloween to Saturday. Think about other holidays we celebrate on a different day every year - Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, President's Day. Halloween would be no different.

For years and years Halloween has been on October 31. Moving Halloween to a different day could be a difficult change for people to swallow, although it might not be as dramatic as if someone was trying to move Christmas Day away from December 25. Can you imagine?

The fact is, many Halloween events are already being held on Saturday, like downtown Grand Junction's Spooktacular from 3pm-5pm on Saturday and the Boo 'n Brew Festival at Mesa Mall from noon-2pm. Halloween events could always be held during the day with Trick or treating at night - but what a huge day that would be for the kids -- and for their parents.

When it comes to traditional trick or treating you have things like Trunk or Treat, Monster Mash, and Trick or Treat Street in Fruita that happen on Halloween night. These are always popular events, and folks don't seem to mind too much when it happens in middle of the week.

One thing to be said for keeping Halloween on October 31 is that it allows kids to attend more Halloween events instead of trying to have everything crammed into one day.

If you would like to read and sign the petition to move Halloween to the weekend,  you can do that here.

Besides that petition opportunity, we want to know what western Colorado thinks about the idea of celebrating Halloween on Saturday every year. Respond to the poll below and we'll share the results soon. I am undecided on the issue, so I appreciate the input.



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