It's great when you get word a friend's coming to town. It's more fun when you hear it's Jesse James "Puh-Pow" Dupree and the boys in Jackyl! It's Wednesday, April 12th, The Mesa Theater in downtown Junction.

The first Jackyl show in witnessed was in 1994 I believe at Smithville Lake just outside Kansas City. In about 1997 my rock station in Springfield, MO supported the "Cut The Crap" tour and a show downtown. Later, in 2000 that same rock station, 104.1 "Rock This" supported a little show supporting Jesse's solo album "Foot Fetish."

Ray Michaels

Some time later during my 7 years of programming rock station T-95 in Wichita, KS we must have done 3 or 4 shows. So to say I have a bit of a history with this band would be a bit of an understatement. So needless to say when I got word the boys from Georgia were coming to Junction, I was fired up.

Ray Michaels

This is the biggest rock show we've had at The Mesa Theater since Buckcherry. That show nearly sold out. I guessing Jackyl will sell fast too. Get your tickets today by clicking HERE!

Ray Michaels

As many of you know he has his own line of Jesse James Bourbon Whiskey. So I can say with confidence that we'll be pulling together a tasting event of some type. Jesse too is hooked up with Harley Davidson. So is a ride around town, or through The Monument a possibility, you bet.

So kids better get ready! The show may be mid-week but we're going to party like its a holiday. Perhaps 95 Rock can convince the mayor to make Wednesday, April 12th Jesse James Dupree day and we'll all take the day off and party! If Jesse was here right now he'd raise a glass to that and yell "Hell ya..Puh-Pow!"

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As many of you know Jessie