I love fajitas! Today is National Fajita Day. Where's the best in Grand Junction?

Second to taco's it's the best Mexican finger food. Grab your friends and celebrate National Fajita Day with a sizzling platter of meat and veggies! When I saw it was coming up I asked around the station and a hit up few acquaintances. From this mini-survey, I compiled a Top 5 list. Help me out. Is these Grand Junction's best?

Ray Michales

#5 Applebee's- It's the only non-Mexican restaurant to make my list. I was surprised that it made the cut. Not because Applebee's fajitas aren't good, they are. However, with so many Mexican places in town, I assumed my list would be all local joints. It actually speaks to their quality to be in the conversation.

Ray Michaels

#4 Las Maria's- I've had their fajita's. Back around the 4th of July, I had some friends in town and one of the boys ordered some shrimp fajitas. His eyes were bigger than his stomach so the rest of us helped him finish them off. They were so good I wound up splitting an order just a just couple weeks ago.

Ray Michaels

#3 Dos Hombres- With two locations, one in Clifton and The Redlands, there's a restaurant near you. I've dined there a couple of times but haven't had the fajitas. Checking their menu I noticed they offer a  portabello mushroom variety. That sounds yummy.

Ray Michaels

#2 Tequila's- Another place I've not been to. Sounds like I need to. When I was asking around their name was mentioned often. Seems to be a local favorite and their "Fajitas for Two" got a big thumbs up from just about everyone.

Ray Michaels

#1 Azteca's- When I asked around Azteca's was mentioned most often. They too have two locations in town. It's another place I've not been and I'm not sure why. Their menu has the most variety of fajita offerings including scallops. Sounds awesome!

There you have it. The Ray Michaels social circle survey results. Again, my sample size was small so I'm hoping you guys can help confirm or debunk my findings. National Fajita Day is today so get out and enjoy some bell peppers & onions, rice, beans, pico, and guacamole with your favorite meat or seafood all wrapped up in a warm tortilla. I'm getting hungry writing about it.

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