This is what the world would look like if all the glacier ice melted. I know some people still believe this isn't happening, but the facts are very hard to deny.

For the past couple of decades, the debate over climate change has waged on and on. Yet nothing has been done to slow the retreat of glacier ice. People on both sides talk and talk, even though, the ice keeps melting.

This week in Antarctica there was a recorded temperature of 65 degrees. I'm no scientist but then seem pretty hot to me.

Now in may of 2008 the largest break up of ice ever caught on film took place in Greenland and it lasted some 75 minutes. I'm no scientist, but that doesn't seem normal to me.

So here we are in 2015 and still nothing is being done. Hell, we can't even agree on what to call it. Climate Change, Global Warming, The Natural Cycle of the Earth what ever you call it the ice is melting while we fiddle around.

The sad part is I don't think there is anything we can ever do about now. I think the window has closed and by the time we get to 2040 I think the earth will look much different.