In his true, classic comedic form, Peyton Manning helped his former team release their 2021-2022 schedule.

Some day, I believe, Peyton Manning will be in a movie. A buddy-comedy. Something like Tom Hanks in 'Turner & Hooch.' Until then, we get to see him ham it up in these little videos, as he did for the Broncos.

Apparently, more than a few of the NFL teams made clever videos to release their upcoming schedules, including Denver.

I'd seen a clip of this whole video on Tuesday, thinking that was all there is: Peyton at a desk, getting a call, and reading an email commenting 'Beat them, destroyed them...' It was cute. Then Wednesday, rolled around and they 'dropped' the whole video.

Peyton as a Denver Broncos intern for a day.


Interns handle the mail, but not like this. Listen to Peyton as he really sounds like he's hurtling a pigskin down the field when really, it's just a magazine.. about three feet away.


Watch as Peyton helps clean footballs, commenting on how if his Broncos team had had 17 games, they would have put up monstrous numbers.

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Interns often handle the phones. Peyton uses his past quarterback skills to quiet down the office while he tries to take a call. It's great how Eli Manning calls and gives his brother grief, looking for Seymour Butz.


Not necessarily an intern job, but Peyton apparently has some skills as to how to 'twist' around in an office chair that he tries to impart upon Broncos mascot, Miles.


Finally, we come back to Peyton back at the desk, getting that email and commenting about the teams he's beaten, then printing off a copy for the camera to zoom in on.

And, cut.

I call it a touchdown, how about you?

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