Nearly half of Colorado schools have gone to a 4 day week.

Colorado School Finance Project reports about half of all of the states school districts have switched to a four-day school week. Apparently, it works. All that have gone with the shorter week, haven't switched back.

I know I'd much rather work a 4-10 hour day than the traditional 5-8 hour variety. I'm confident if you polled the kids most would be for a 4-day school week. Colorado's Brighton School District is the next to consider the flip. Their school district has quadrupled in size in the last 20 years. In 2000 they had about 5,500 students. In 2018 that number has ballooned to nearly 18,000. They estimate that by 2030 that number will grow to 30,000. To save money and effectively teach the growing number of students the school district is looking at the 4 day week idea.

It's been nearly 20 years since the Brighton school district successfully passed a property tax increase. The attempt failed again last November. School officials say they will save around $1 million annually with the shorter week. However, that's not the only reason they're considering the move. The real value will come in helping to attract, hire, and keep quality teachers who would be willing to swap a three-day weekend for less pay. A decision is excepted sometime in March

Is this an idea that Grand Junction schools should consider? With budgets tight and a growing population is this a good idea for District 51?

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