Luckily for us in Grand Junction, there is no shortage of great restaurants. Whether it's a local restaurant that's been in town for years, a new up-and-coming restaurant, or a chain restaurant, there are plenty of great choices when it comes to great food.

Of course behind the great food is someone who has to make it and, as our great restaurants, Grand Junction is also home to many great cooks. 

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I posted a question on Facebook asking who your favorite chef/cook is in Grand Junction and this is what you said.

Grand Junction's Favorite Cooks

I received many responses as to who your favorite cooks are in Grand Junction and there were a few that are clearly very popular in town.

For example, Bob Fulkerson at Grand Junction's Feisty Pint (359 Colorado Avenue) received eight of the responses, while Barak Erwin at Village Inn (1910 North Ave) is the favorite cook of seven people that responded to the question.

In addition, Jim Keith at The Winery Restaurant (642 Main St) and Mike Bautista at Bin 707 Foodbar (225 N 5th St # 105) also received numerous praises from their fans as some of the best cooks in Grand Junction.

Other Favorite Cooks in Grand Junction

While not as popular as the aforementioned Grand Junction cooks, these cooks were also mentioned as favorite cooks in town:

  • Theo at 626 on Rood (626 Rood Ave.)
  • Micah Lopez at Devil's Kitchen (840 Kennedy Ave.)
  • Chef Martin at Spoons (3090 N. 12th St.)
  • Jake Huddleston at Moody's Lounge (546 Main St.)
  • Eric Magnabsco at The Rockslide Brewery and Restaurant (401 Main St.)
  • Corbin Wallace at Western Slope Memory Care (2594 Patterson Rd.)
  • Brandon Christensen at Il Bistro Italiano (400 Main St.)
  • Chris Acton at Bistro 743 (743 Horizon Dr.)

Now see who named their favorite chefs in Grand Junction:

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