Believe it or not, Grand Junction has a lot of artwork to check out, primarily in the downtown area.

Street Art

If you find yourself walking down Main Street in downtown Grand Junction you will definitely notice the many street art pieces throughout the area.

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There are also art galleries in downtown Grand Junction that not only exhibit art from local artists and beyond, but also participate in the First Friday Art Walk on the first Friday of every month.

Erotic Exhibit

One event that piqued my interest (sorry) is an art exhibit taking place Friday, August 6th at Uncanny Valley Art Gallery that is being referred to as 'The Erotic Art Show.'

Erotic or not, here's where you can check out all kinds of art in Grand Junction:

Check Out Art in Grand Junction Including an Erotic Display

There is plenty of great art to check out in Grand Junction, including the occasional 'erotic display.'

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