The city of De Beque, Colo., held a special meeting to put a cap on how many recreational Marijuana shops they will have in their community. They currently host just one shop but more are on the way.

Personally I think this is a good idea, remember when the medical marijuana started in Colorado? It seemed as though a number of shops just popped up overnight.

While I'm glad to see Western Colorado move into the 21st century I do think one of the reasons Grand Junction doesn't have a shop is because of how quick the medical shops popped up.

I'm pretty sure that freaked out a number of people in our community which lead to the ban of the recreational shops in Grand Junction. De Beque putting a cap on the number of shops is a good thing for everyone.

It looks like they will cap them at three and that seems about right. Enough shops to have good competition but not so many to flood the marketplace and freak out some community members.

As time moves on and a real count of tax dollars comes to light I'm sure more shops will open on the Western Slope but until then the drive to De Beque is the only answer for recreational marijuana users in western Colorado and Eastern Utah.