US News & World Report ranks Colorado #10 on its "Best States in the Country" list.

The report wasn't based on scenic beauty, or outdoor activities available. Or even about the health of its residents. Colorado would win those hands down. This report was more about how well the state is performing for its citizens. The findings drew from thousands of info and data points from health care and education, the state’s economy, transportation and infrastructure, internet access, public safety, the states fiscal situation, and the opportunities provided for its residents.

Colorado locked down the top spot and ranked #1 for its economy! The state finished just inside the top 10 and ranked 8th in the infrastructure category. Colorado was hurt by its 28th ranking for "opportunity." That matrix was based on poverty levels, housing costs, and equality for women, minorities, and persons with disabilities. The state also was docked for its 29th ranking when it comes to its financial situation and crime.

Surprisingly, Colorado's worst category was environmental. That measured the state's air and water quality and pollution present in the environment. Those determining factors resulted in the state's rank of 31st out of the 50 states.

For the complete list and a detailed breakdown of how the results were determined, click HERE.

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