Colorado's Douglas County is the nation's healthiest.

According to the findings of US News & World Report Douglas Country, Colorado is the nation's top, 'most healthy', county in America.

I know that Colorado takes pride in its health and fitness but to the have the nation's top county out of nearly 3,000 others across the country is impressive. Douglas Country, who came in second last year, took the title this time around. The research looked at nearly everything. It included 81 different factors in 10 different categories to determine a winner. Some of the indicators included cancer prevalence, obesity, the local crime rate, housing quality, and much more.

Douglas Country was helped by its population's overall good health, economy, environment, community vitality, and its infrastructure. Douglas County wasn't alone at the top of the list. Broomfiled Country, an area just northwest of Denver came in a respectable 5th place.

Colorado rocked it with a total of 28 counties ranked in the top 500. The following are the US News & World Report Top 10:

1. Douglas County, Colorado 
2. Los Alamos County, New Mexico
3. Falls Church, Virginia (city)
4. Loudoun County, Virginia
5. Broomfield County, Colorado 
6. Teton County, Wyoming
7. Hamilton County, Indiana
8. Carver County, Minnesota
9. Delaware County, Ohio
10. Howard County, Maryland

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