The US News & World Report released their annual list of 100 Best Places to Live in the USA. 3 cities in our region made the Top 20. Was Grand Junction on the list?

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Denver, CO #2. I'm not from here, so I don't have first-hand knowledge, but that's pretty impressive.  After reading this story It's clear that Denver, and the state of Colorado as a whole, are experiencing a new "gold rush." It's estimated that the total retails sales from the new cannabis industry was over 1 Billion state-wide in 2016. After Colorado residents voted to legalize its recreational use in 2012, the economy has been booming.

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Salt Lake City #10 It's been decades since I've been through Salt Lake. I'm sure it's grown a lot since then. It's obvious from this report that this place is special. With 5 National Parks within an hour's drive, the Wasatch Mountains, and world-class skiing all in their backyard its no wonder it ranks so high.

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Colorado Spring #11 I've only been through there a few times but it seems like a nice town. The economy is doing well here too. Unemployment is low and it has a lower cost of living than Denver. It's a smaller, quieter, and more laidback version of the larger metro to the north. With tons of recreational opportunities and entertainment options, it's a quality place to call home.

My hometown of Kansas City came in a respectable #48. Not bad. I'm sorry to report that Grand Junction did not make the Top 100 list. Maybe next year.

Thanks to U.S. World News & Report for the information.