US News & World Report says Colorado has lowest obesity rate

You might think that California or Hawaii would be #1. Nope, it's the great state of Colorado! We're the fittest state in the US. Just over 20% of Colorado adults are considered obese. The island state of Hawaii is #2 with a 22.7% rate of obesity.

The abundance of outdoor activities certainly helps the cause. Biking is a way of life here. As is hiking, skiing, and all the rest. You guys already know this. This #1 ranking is the second year in a row for Colorado.

Colorado ranks #10 in the "Best Quality of Life". Colorado also ranks #1 for "Best States for Economy." The unemployment rate here is low and the local economies are growing. California, Texas, and Florida may have larger economies but none can keep up with Colorado's current growth.

Pretty cool to be part of a place that's this fit, has "quality of life", and the #1 economy.

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