A recent report says Colorado drivers are among the Top 10 Worst in the nation.

An insurance comparison website came to this conclusion after it reviewed several factors including the number of fatal crashes, the total number of accidents in each state, how many speeding tickets were issued, and DUI citations. The report says Coloradans are the 8th worst drivers in the country.

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Surprising our neighbors to the west are at the top of the Top 10 Worst in the Nation. The top is as follows: 1-Utah, 2-California, 3-Virginia, 4-Maine, 5-Nebraska, 6-South Carolina, 7-North Dakota, 8-Colorado, 9-Washington, and 10-Arizona.

Utah (per capita) was tops, or worst, depending on how you look at it. They ranked 2ed for both the number of accidents and speeding.  With all the wide open spaces I get the speeding thing. I guess with speed come the accidents. The state too ranked 4th in the number of citations issued. Utah also made the top 10 for the number of DUI's.  Seems odd given the liquor laws in our neighboring state.

In case you're wondering, the top 10 states with the Best Drivers are; 1-Rhode Island, 2-Florida, 3-Mississippi, 4-Michigan, 5-Nevada, 6-Arkansas, 7-South Dakota, 8-Illinois, 9-West Virginia and 10-Oklahoma.

Colorado is on another list you don't want to be on. Increased population means increased number of drivers. The trend is more drivers, getting into more crashes, and more bad drivers. This info is from the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information AssociationThese trends are being passed along to drivers in double digit increases in insurance premiums over the past 5 years. All this unfortunate news means higher insurance costs for all Colorado drivers. So the next time it seems the drivers around you suck at it, now you've got the facts to back up your claim. They really are the worst.  


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