Colorado drivers aren’t the best at driving in the snow.

Those aren't my words. That's according to a report by SafeWise, an online home security, and safety advice website. Colorado drivers are by no means the worst either. The state ranks the 34th safest place to drive in the snow. Our neighbors to the north are the worst. The odds of being in an accident caused by snowy roads in Colorado is 0.24 per 100,000 people. Wyoming winter driving is the most dangerous with a 1.54 chance of being in a crash during snowy conditions.

Most drivers fear snow but far more people are killed while driving in the rain. The latest data from 2016 shows there were 2,368 fatalities from crashes in rainy conditions and 482 from snow in the US.

We work very hard to make our roads as safe as we can during inclement weather,” said Amy Ford, spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Transportation. “One death is too many on our roadways and we are very conscious about how we are trying to reduce fatalities on our roads.

Colorado’s elevation and mountain passes make snow driving more challenging. CDOT works ahead of, during, and after storms in their efforts to keep roads safe. The safest way to drive in the snow is behind a plow, at a slower speed, and with the proper tires.

Credit: Denver Post

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