Colorado lawmakers are considering a seat belt crackdown.

A bill has been proposed in the Denver statehouse that would make not bucking up a much bigger offense. It's called a "primary offense." That means an officer could pull you over if you're observed not wearing your seatbelt.

There are only 16 states without a primary seat belt law on the books and Colorado is one of them. Out of the 50, Colorado ranks 36th in seat belt usage. This is something that the Colorado Department of Transportation has been working to improve on for some time now. CDOT hopes the tougher law will help force the issue.

Colorado had 629 traffic deaths in 2017. Some lawmakers believe that's reason enough to pass the new law.

If the bill becomes law, and you choose to drive without buckling up, it could cost you more as fines look to increase as well. The new law basically means officers can write you a ticket if you are not wearing a seatbelt. Period. Better buckle up.

Credit: News5 

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