More than likely you're drunk, but yes that urinal you're relieving yourself in is talking to you! Make sure you pull your pants up before you run out screaming.

What's really happening, CDOT is putting these 'Interactive Urinal Communicators' in men's restrooms streaming a message to not drink and drive. And scaring the literal piss out everyone.

Bathroom goers may begin to hear this message this Labor Day weekend:

Keep a constant stream on this urinal cake and let's see how drunk you are. Tipsy / Charming / Hamboned / Uh! Where are your pants? / Winner! Make sure you keep winning and get home safe. Drink and don't drive.

Listen to the actual audio:

Be on the lookout for talking urinals in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins!

We're pretty sure little boys everywhere will run from the john screaming about a talking toilet.

While drunk dudes will try to aim for the non-existent urinal cakes to see just how hammered they are.