The big day had arrived. The first-ever concert at the new Amphitheater at Los Colonias Park. All the planning, construction, and preparation had come down to this. However, someone forgot to consult with Mother Nature.

Lukas Nelson & The Promise of the Real were set to open the new venue. His band's self-proclaimed "Cowboy, Hippie, Surf, Rock" was all set to break in the new venue but first, there were the pre-party festivities and opening acts.

Ray Michaels

Clyde and the Milltailers, an Alternative Folk trio, got the party started. These locals started back in 2014 by Steve “Clyde” Kilcrease and David Rowley. The band's name is in reference to radioactive uranium mill tailings that was done very near the location of the new amphitheater. Their short set was terrific by the way as I enjoyed taking it in from backstage.

Ray Michaels

Up next was Junction's own El Camino Burnout. These guys formed about three years ago. A cool blend of High Desert Rock, Western Surf, Ska, and Classic Rock. A great set.

Ray Michaels

The VIP tent was looking good too and everyone was enjoying the cooler weather. It hadn't rained in weeks. Towards the end of El Camino's set, the raindrops began to fall. Within minutes it turned into a downpour, and before you knew it, the show was called. Lukas and the boys didn't get to perform last night but the good news is they are coming back sometime in mid-August. As soon as we have more details, we'll pass them along. There's no way it will rain in August, right? Will someone please shoot Mother Nature a text and clue her in, please?

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