A mountain biker was struck by lightning and killed over the weekend in southwest Colorado. Lightning is very dangerous and the threat should always be taken seriously.

Did you know that Colorado is the third deadliest state for lightning strikes? As we approach Thursday's rescheduled Lukas Nelson & The Promise of the Real concert, it's a reminder as to why the concert was canceled. Yes, it rained pretty hard but it was the lighting threat that caused the evacuation of the new amphitheater and the eventual rescheduling of the show.

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Sunday a mountain biker and his girlfriend were biking the East Fork Trail near the Lizard Head Wilderness about 17 miles from Telluride when a storm hit the area. The two were part of a larger group biking that morning. When the storm rolled in the group took shelter under some trees when the lightning bolt struck.

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His girlfriend ran down the trail trying to find help when she came across an off-duty EMT. Rescue workers from San Miguel County were dispatched and hiked a half mile up the trail to help the victim but could not revive him.

Always take lightning threats seriously. The outdoors is a way of life here. We often joke of "being struck by lightning" but the threat is very real. As a fisherman, I know. I've held a fishing rod in my hand when the graphite began to buzz with static electricity. I've had my fishing line actually bow upwards as a storm approached. I threw down the rod, fired up my boat engine, and raced for shelter. It may suck to have to take cover in your car, head inside, break camp, or cut a fishing trip short, but it's always best not to take a chance. It could cost you your life.

Credit: The Denver Post

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