Local band "El Camino Burnout" keeps "Living On A Prayer" dream alive to open for Bon Jovi at The Pepsi Center March 14th.

National concert promotion company Live Nation has created a unique contest where bands in the area of upcoming stops on Bon Jovi's "This House Is Not For Sale" tour can win their way on stage. Bands who "Keep The Faith" can upload a video to the “Bon Jovi Opening Act” contest page. From there, you can “Like” your favorite. Winning is no "Bed Of Roses."  There's no "Runaway" winner and the total number of "likes" won't determine the winner. The official rules state “Share is for entertainment purposes only and has no bearing on winner selection.” However, there's no better way to let the band know "I'll Be There For You" than supporting their effort and letting Live Nation know Western Colorado supports El Camino Burnout.

Jon James
Jon James


The members are Brian Huntsman, Ryan Green, Paul Barker, Rob Labig, and Dio Musquiz. "He's [Bon Jovi] going to pretty much every city in the US giving a local band a chance to open for them," said Musquiz. " With about 60 bands in the running, they're truly "Living on a Prayer."

"If you can connect with the audience you connect with 2 people to 20,000 people that are the ultimate goal of playing. I like to play to connect with musicians and then connect with the audience if that happens, its Shangri law you know?" said Paul Barker. "Our genre fits Bon Jovi,” said Ryan Green. “We will actually fit this show, you're telling me there's a chance and I think it a pretty good."


The contest ends Feb. 17. The band's hoping to be "Wanted Dead Or Alive" and for as many "likes" and shares as possible. From all videos submitted, they'll be narrowed down to the top 10, and then the top 3. Those finalists will be chosen by Bon Jovi themselves.

Let's hope it's good news and not "Bad Medicine" for El Camino Burnout and their dream to "Have A Nice Day" sharing the stage with Bon Jovi.

I'll "Never Say Goodbye" but I think now's the time. Good luck El Camino Burnout!


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