The state of Colorado is full of amazing outdoor scenery, some of which is credited to Mother Nature alone and some were built by the hands of man many years ago.

To expand further, Colorado is home to a total of four National Parks including Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Rocky Mountain National Park, The Great Sand Dunes, and Mesa Verde National Park.

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Visiting any one of these is a magical experience, but only one was actually built by humans as opposed to natural phenomena, and that National Park is located in the southwestern region of the state, commonly known as the four corners region, and that magnificent place is Mesa Verde.

However, another, lesser-known example of this ancient beauty located in the same region is just as worthy of a visit. Keep scrolling to learn about a section of the Canyon of the Ancients known as the Lowery Pueblo, and take a virtual tour of this ancient, archaeological wonder.

Colorado's Lowery Pueblo at the Canyon of the Ancients

Archaeologists have dated these amazing ruins back to the year 1060 A.D. and in their heyday, the structures at the Lowery Pueblo served as the homes to anywhere between 40 and 100 indigenous people.

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The Lowery Pueblo sat dormant for many years before being first excavated in the 1930s and was later incorporated into the previously established Canyons of the Ancients in the year 2000.

Today, the Lowery Pueblo is an absolutely stunning reminder of the ancient history of Colorado and is open to the public.

However, before you plan a trip to check it out in person, you can take a virtual tour below:

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