Like something right out of a science fiction movie your new Samsung SmartTV just might be spying on you. Television has always been a one-way thing, you hook up the cable or satellite and watch what you want but not anymore.

Samsung now has a TV that can not only record what is going on in the room but can recognize who is there at the time.

So the NSA can read our emails, listen to our phone calls and now keep tabs on what we are saying in our homes. I guess this means if you and your lady get busy one night the NSA can listen in and get their rocks off too.

All joking aside this is just the tip of a very bad iceberg that could sink us. Look at how the Internet has learned to cater to us today. You go to a website or buy something online and bam the advertising starts rolling.

I understand that these companies want to make the coolest stuff and as a society we can't wait for the latest tech gadget to make our life easier. The problem is with our rush to get these items we are throwing our privacy overboard without a life jacket.

Don't think so? Look at your phone it has everything about you on it. Who you text, call, tweet and Facebook is all right there. Not to mention if you use it to do your banking or bill paying.

Look I'm not one of those people who wear aluminum foil on my head, but the more we just accept this is the way it is the more privacy we lose.