Colorado lawmakers are considering a plastic bag tax.

I'm no fan of plastic bags. One of my pet peeves is litterbugs. As an outdoor lover and fisherman, there's not much I hate more than seeing a plastic bag floating in the lake or my favorite, one snagged on a barbed wire fence twisting in the wind.

Us Americans love our plastic bags. We use over 100 billion every year. I have a plastic bag full of well, plastic bags, hanging in my utility room. Only if I could remember to recycle them.

Plastic bags are already contraband in Vail and Boulder. In Denver, Colorado lawmakers are debating a bill that would tax the use of plastic bags statewide. For a closer look at the bill just click HERE.

The "Affordable Housing Plastic Shopping Bag Tax" House Bill 18-1054 is currently under consideration. Here's how it would work, when you go to the store the checker would ask you if you need a plastic bag. If you answer "yes", a 25 cent tax would be added to your receipt. The tax would cover you no matter how few, or many, bags required to toat your stuff home. I self-checkout almost 100% of the time. Wonder what would happen if I "forget" to tax myself? The revenue collected would go towards affordable housing.

Again, I'm no plastic bag fan but is another tax what we need? It seems that a tax is the only solution lawmakers can ever come up with. How about a reward for recycling the bags?


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