Plastic bags at grocery stores will remain free.

A couple weeks ago I passed along the info on a possible law that would have taxed you 25 cents every time you used a plastic bag at check out. That bill has died in legislative committee. So, at least for now, plastic bags remain free.

I admitted I'm not a fan of plastic bags. I hate seeing them littered along the roads or twisting in a tree. However, I wasn't a fan of another tax either, even if it was only a quarter.

Even though the law didn't make it far in the lawmaking process, the controversy isn't over by no means. Forces are out there hoping to end the life of plastic bags. Recycling those suckers is a step in the right direction. I'm heading to the store this evening and no, I forgot my plastic bag full of plastic bags. It's still hanging in my utility room. Americans use over 100 billion, that's with a b, of plastic bags annually. And yes, most wind up in landfills. That's not good.

They are quickly falling out of favor. Some cities and states have banned the use of plastic bags, including the Colorado towns of Vail and Telluride.

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