If you're thinking about slipping up to Wyoming to catch the eclipse you better plan early or you may find yourself stuck in a traffic jam.

CDOT estimates that as many of 600,00 people will travel north to catch the solar eclipse on August 21st. For reference, Wyoming's total population is only 585,501. An overnight doubling of the state's population will not only cause travel issues but where to house that many invaders?

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The 60-mile wide sweet spot for an eclipse is what's called "totality." This once-in-a-lifetime event will take place the morning of the 21st meaning that many will get up that morning and hit the road. Without some planning you find yourself sitting in a traffic jam during the event.

The highways aren't the only thing that'll be jammed. Cell service systems will be overloaded with everyone attempting to post pictures. Cell phone service will be sketchy at best and shouldn't be relied on as your only mode of communication. The cell system in Wyoming wasn't set up to handle this deal.

Campsites will be at a premium too. The Wyoming Bureau of Land Management is expecting a large number of people camping on public land. If that's your plan, you better pick up a land-status map to make sure you don’t wander onto private property. These can be acquired at a local BLM office. BLM is also encouraging campers to get familiar with fire restrictions in the areas where you plan to camp. BLM will have staff on the ground sharing safety and fire information during the eclipse.

Other than that, have a happy eclipse and don't forget to play Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side Of The Moon!"

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