Somewhere in the vicinity of this trail, you'll find three marked dog graves accompanied by a tree with the dogs' names etched in it. After years of trying, I simply can't find them. Do you know where they are?

My grandpa mentioned several times the existence of these three graves. He also mentioned three names etched into a nearby tree. This same information has been confirmed recently by Dr. Paul Wubben.

For years, I've tried to locate these graves with no success. Unfortunately, I can only speculate as to their location.

My information is more than 30 years old and comes from someone who hiked this area long before the current network of trails were in place.

Based on the fragmented information provided, the search begins on Little Park at the head for the Gunny Loop network of trails. From the trail head, begin by hiking directly East out of the parking lot. That trail (formerly a dirt road) will ultimately fork.  At the fork, I chose to head North. Shortly afterward, several trails converge. At that point, I began heading downhill directly to the East, as if towards the Gunnison River.

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After 3/4 of a mile, I paused to shoot the video you saw at the top of this post. I can't help but believe the three graves are in the immediate vicinity.

Unfortunately, with the passage of time, there's a strong possibility the marked tree may be long gone, My grandpa first told me about these graves back in the mid-1980s, so they've been there for some time. Between Mother Nature, time, and use of the trails, all traces of the graves could be lost.

It is important to make a distinction between these three graves and the dog graves located closer to the trail head. There are another nine marked dog graves only a few thousand feet from the trail head. Those are easy to find.

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I don't mean to sound morbid, as though I'm obsessed with finding graves. This is more of a curiosity fostered by stories. That, combined with the fact I'm a dog lover, motivates me to find the graves.

I'm confident the graves are in an obvious location, very close to a major trail. Like the other nine graves found earlier on the trail, they are probably located in a spot featuring a nice scenic view.

The graves would not be in an isolated area, or at a low point in the trail. They would be near a peak or in an open area with a view of the valley.

For the record, I've spent a few years searching and I would like to find them. Typically, my agenda with these posts is to share information with you -- interesting and fun hikes on Little Park and Glade Park.

This time, I'm asking for information. If you have any info to the location of the three graves, please let me know. My feet are starting to hurt, and my dog is getting tired of walking this same trail over and over. Contact me at