Have you looked down your window well recently? In Colorado, you might be surprised to find that a new family has moved in.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife wants to remind the public to cover your window wells or you could find wildlife using that well as a den.

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What Kind of Foxes Live in Colorado?

There are four different breeds of Foxes in Colorado:

  • Red Foxes
  • Gray Foxes
  • Swift Foxes
  • Kit Foxes

Red and Gray foxes are only about three feet long and weigh approximately 9 to 11 pounds. Swift foxes and Kit foxes are even smaller and only grow to be about 27 to 36 inches long and weigh only 4 to 7 pounds.

Colorado Fox Facts

Foxes in Colorado only produce one litter per year of about 4 kits (baby foxes). Our foxes here in Colorado like to munch on rodents, rabbits, and birds, so you don't have to worry about them coming for your small dog.

Living with Wildlife in Colorado

As cute as these foxes are, please remember that these animals are wild. You should never feed a fox or any other wildlife.

Interacting with Colorado wildlife eliminates their fear of humans and can encourage them to seek humans more often. The foxes will then become dependent on humans, which puts us both at risk of disease, or worse, death.

Please remember to cover your window wells to avoid finding Colorado wildlife using your space as a den. If you discover wildlife that needs to be removed from your property, please contact your local Colorado Wildlife department.

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