Here in Colorado, we love our pets. It's not uncommon to see Coloradans taking their dogs for walks on hiking trails or even accompanying them at bars and restaurants. However, there is a really cool yet weird law in Colorado that allows your dog to be your witness at your wedding.

The Colorado Law that Allows Your Dog to Be Your Witness

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The law in Colorado that makes it possible for your dog to be the witness at your wedding is called the self-solemnizing marriage law. While the law doesn't specifically mention pets, it does say that in order to be legally married in the state of Colorado all you need to do is have a photo ID when you arrive at the County Clerk and Recorder's Office, fill out some quick paperwork and sign your name.

Because of this, it is totally acceptable for your dog to sign its name on your wedding certificate. Just make sure to bring your furry friend and an ink pad with you to make it official.

Other Ideas to Incorporate Your Dog in Your Colorado Wedding

While this particular law allows your dog to be your witness at the County Clerk and Recorder's Office in a quick, elopement-style marriage, there are plenty of other ideas that Coloradans can do and have done to incorporate their dog into their day of matrimony.

Some of these ideas include assigning the ring-bearing duties to your dog by attaching a pillow with the ring on it to his or her collar, as well as assigning flower girl (or boy) duties to your animal by replacing the pillow with a basket full of flower petals.

Either way, while the marriage laws in Colorado probably weren't specifically written to cater to your love for your furry friends, they certainly make it easy to include them.

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