Marijuana prices across Colorado were dropping, when will edibles?

Weed prices at Colorado dispensaries have been dropping lately. Nowadays you can find bud as low as $15 an eighth. The concentrates market continues to grow but shatter and wax can be found for about $10 to $12 a gram. Wholesale prices have dropped about 40% over the last year or so. When will edible prices come down too?

Apparently, it comes down to production. THC infused products such as gummies, cookies, and drinks are more costly because they're more complicated to make. Making a weed-infused candy bar requires many more steps plus the additional ingredients. The price may soon start coming down as technology catches up with production. Founder of the edible company "Incredibles" Bob Eschino says, The decline in flower prices "just hasn't had a giant impact on the edibles market." However, Eschino also says, companies are beginning to feel the heat. "We haven't seen a drastic drop in costs, but there is downward pressure for pricing. We're feeling that pressure. A lot of our customers have asked for price decreases over the past few months."

It appears that edible pieces will come down eventually. It may not be this year, or even next, but as more states legalize the sale of recreational marijuana and production continues to grow, the price will come down. Until then you'll need to fork over a few extra bucks for the convenience and discreet capabilities of Colorado edibles.

Credit: Westworld

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