My family loves movies. But, here's the deal. We rarely watch new movies. We find ourselves going back to the same classics over and over again. I've tried to decide what would be my favorite of all time with no luck. Here would probably be my top 5 though.

1. Diehard

Before Diehard, most action movies involved some near invincible good guy James Bond-ish person. Diehard featured John McClain who was a less-than-perfect dude that bled and wasn't a great husband. Sounds familiar - kind of like the guy I see in my mirror every morning.

2. Tombstone

There's an obvious family connection here thanks to my ancestor, John Henry Holliday. But, I love this one for many reasons. Fairly accurate portrayal of history, beautiful western cinematography and yes, Val Kilmer made my family seem so much cooler than it actually is.

3. Rudy

I definitely identify with guys who have very little natural talent. Wonder why? I grew up near where Rudy Ruettiger was from, so that took this movie to another level for me. I just want to state for the record that I did not cry when Rudy got carried off the field. Someone in front of me must have been chewing on some onion-flavored Certs.

4. Deep Impact

I've noticed that in just about every movie I own, Morgan Freeman is the President. Very strange, indeed. This movie is entertaining to me partly due to the fact that I believe that the government really is covering up underground caves they're preparing for some worldwide cataclysmic event. But, that's an entirely different story.

5. Twister

My wife is a meteorologist, so to her Twister is a comedy. The fact that I bear more than a passing resemblance in looks - and behavior - to Dusty in the movie probably helps, too.

If forced to pick just one, I'd probably go with Tombstone as my favorite with Diehard almost in a dead heat. I'm much more interested in your all-time favorite. Please share what it is and why!