On October 5 the 6th Annual Wiener Dog races ran at Okotoberfest and the turnout was huge! Check out who is the fastest Wiener Dog in Western Colorado! 

Wiener Dog Winners-Moose & Jurgan

If you own a Wiener Dog then you are one lucky person! And if you raced your wiener this past weekend then you really lucked out! 67 Wiener Dogs raced in this weekend races and it came down to a battle!

At this year's races each wiener dog ran out the chute box twice and if that wiener won twice they moved on to the bracket round! The crowd was huge cheering on their favorite wiener!

Wiener Dog Racing-Townsquare

Signs were made and it seemed like each wiener dog had its own "Wiener Team" to get them ready for the race!

Final Round-Moose & Jurgan

After some fierce racing the winner's were crowned! Congratulations goes out to.

Mini Winner - Moose from Montrose

Standard Winner - Jurgar from Grand Junction

Check out some of the other Wieners!

Wiener Dog Races-Townsquare
Wiener Dog Races-Townsquare
Wiener Dog Races-Townsquare