Video captures rock climbers fall from the second Flatiron near Boulder.

Back in April freestyle climber Kyle Walker fell while trying to conquer the second Flatiron near Boulder. He's lucky to be alive. He slipped on a patch of lichen and fell nearly 60 feet breaking both wrists, eight ribs, his pelvis, and a puncturing a lung. All of which was captured on his chest-mounted GoPro.

The climber was participating in a risky form of climbing called "free solo." It's the practice of climbing without safety gear. The particular rock formation he was climbing too was extra-challenging. Given a climbers "5.13" ratings, it was considered "extremely difficult" and a climb that should only be attempted by expert climbers. WARNING: This video is disturbing. There is no blood or broken bones visible in the clip but it's a real-time account of a horrible fall and should be viewed with caution.

After tumbling down the side and hitting bottom, Kyle says that he was slipping in and out of consciousness. He laid there for nearly an hour when he was finally discovered by a passing hiker. The hiker called for help were search and rescue personnel responded to the scene.

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