Like any typical guy, I am always interested in anything that involves cool things our military and specifically Special Forces do. I came across an article on Engadget that showed a torch that is to cut through doors. Chuck Norris would be proud.

Leave it to the Air Force to come up with this bad boy. How does this TEC torch do its job? Engadget explained.

Firefighters, police and soldiers don't have many good options when they want to breach a door: blowtorches and lock picks are usually slow, while battering rams, explosives and guns aren't exactly subtle. The US Air Force and EMPI recently crafted a far better solution, though. Their TEC Torch creates a brief but super-hot (5,000F) metal vapor jet that cuts through steel in less than a second, making short work of virtually any lock.

Here's the scary thought. This is available to civilians, meaning rednecks like me. I have so many practical uses for the TEC torch, I'm sure my wife will have no problem with me getting one. Imagine the BBQ applications for this. 5,000 degrees of roasted pig goodness are like 10 seconds away.

So, next time you're ahead of me in the 20 item or less line with a full cart of stuff and a big coupon book, just remember that I might someday be packing a TEC torch. That could come in handy.