Yesterday we reported the fatal shooting by a Western Slope father of his own son. New details have emerged about the incident from Wednesday February 27, 2013 in Grand Junction, Colorado. Find out the latest details from authorities and the Mesa County Coroner's Office.

Grand Junction Public Safety Building at Night
Grand Junction Police Department

Police in Grand Junction say they are continuing to investigate the shooting that took place between a father and his adult son who lived at home. The son was fatally shot earlier this week and little details were initially available.

Gary Meier owns an eight acre piece of property where he and his wife Sharon live. His 48-year old son Garth Meier also lives in the home with them. Gary says that as he and his wife were going to bed for the night his son Garth came into the bedroom. Gary says his son was "yelling and screaming" about a missing photograph, starting the altercation.

A police affadavit says, "Gary said Sharon got up out of bed and the argument continued upstairs and on the stairs." Gary says his son put a hand around his wife's neck, that is when Gary grabbed his Baretta and hid it under the covers on the bed.

Gary told authorities his son then grabbed a coat hanger off the back of the door that had multiple hooks and steel balls. Garth allegedly used the hanger to hit the bed as he approached his father and struck him in the head two times.

Gary says that is when he shot his son once in the chest. Garth's body was found in the doorway of the bedroom when police arrived. The Mesa County Coroner ruled a single gunshot wound to the chest as the cause of death. The coroner also noted Garth was wearing a headlamp when he died.

No charges have been filed, but investigators say as of Wednesday they had enough evidence to support a manslaugher charge. Gary was found to have head wounds and other lacerations when police arrived.


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