Mom Drowns Son
There are a lot of ways your mom can screw you up later in life, but at least she never drowned you because she thought your junk was too small. A woman in Indonesia drowned her son because she believed that his wiener was so small that he was doomed...
Update: Grand Junction Father Who Fatally Shot His Adult Son
Yesterday we reported the fatal shooting by a Western Slope father of his own son. New details have emerged about the incident from Wednesday February 27, 2013 in Grand Junction, Colorado. Find out the latest details from authorities and the Mesa County Coroner's Office.
New Castle Man Fakes Son’s Death
A New Castle dad decided to fake his 7 year old son's death. Dad put out a fake obituary for his son for unknown reasons. Family members of course are upset and concerned and now the New Castle Police are investigating the fake death notice.